You can use special cosmetics with Aloe Vera or apply daily in the morning and evening the Aloe Vera gel after cleansing. The skin is soothed and initiates regeneration. Aloe Vera gel is also recommended for sunburn, small abrasions, allergies and eczema and more.


In addition to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise has been proven effective the daily topical application of Aloe Vera gel.

Eye Care

You can apply Aloe Vera juice on the eyelids, wrinkles and eye bags. Aloe Vera moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and gives the area of the eyes freshness and elasticity.

Apply Aloe Vera gel or your Aloe Vera cosmetic product in the morning and evening after cleansing.

Aloe Vera from head to toe

Skin care

Aloe Vera provides a smooth and rich skin care. It becomes soft and elastic and is protected from moisture loss. Aloe Vera can be used for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Body Care

It stimulates cell regeneration and maintains the natural protective acid mantle of the skin. The care with Aloe Vera is specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skins (sunburn, minor abrasions or burns, insect bites).

Hands and Feet

Aloe Vera is absorbed very fast and nourished tired, rough and chapped skin. Dry nails receive moisture. The skin becomes smooth and the nails elastic again. Athlete's foot and nail fungus can be treated gently but effectively.


Aloe Vera has a positive effect on hair and scalp. The composition rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins provides strength and resistance to the hair. You obtain flexibility, elasticity and shine in a natural way as Aloe Vera has similar substances to keratin. It combats smoothly dandruff and itching and prevents new dandruff. Aloe Vera has also shown its effectiveness with eczema or incipient baldness. To fix the hair gel Aloe Vera is highly recommended.

Aloe Vera stimulates healthy hair growth, that way, you re-stimulate hair growth. The hair structure is strengthened from the hair root which receives a larger supply of blood and the hair can regenerate. Aloe Vera penetrates deep into the scalp and stimulates hair growth due to nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes which it comprises. It is recommended to drink Aloe Vera juice and apply Aloe Vera on the scalp and hair. If you have severe or persistent loss of hair, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause.