Holger V.

I am 36 years old and usually have problems with acne all over the body. For years therefore they I was treated with Cortisone without noticeable results. One day I found Aloe Vera with honey, since then I drink it 3 or 4 times a day, at doses of 40 ml and also for personal care I only use Aloe Vera products. I had great success with the shower gel, the Aloe Vera Skin gel and cream with Aloe and shea butter, my skin now looks fantastic. And finally I control my skin problems!

Sophia L.

I had a beauty spot on the cheek that was very rough and rugged and I always had to touch it and wanted to scratch it. I went to the doctor who told me that would have to be cut, as soon as it changed its aspect. Back then I was already taking 3 times a day Aloe Vera and then I started to use the rest in the extending it over the beauty spot. I did this daily and I did not stop and that was very important. After about three months the beauty spot was gone!

Elli M.

I went to the doctor because eczema on the arms. Supposedly it was a sun allergy and I had to apply Cortisone. Which didn´t help at all, the doctor just said I should be patient. Nevertheless I went on holiday to the Costa Brava although I was concerned about sun allergy. But on the contrary it improved a lot, so it wasn´t sun allergy at all! In a natural store they recommended Aloe Vera; the inflammation disappeared completely there are only scars but I keep using Aloe Vera for skin care.

Solveig R.

For 4 years I was suffering from quite severe neurodermatitis. In the armpits and in general throughout the body, it was especially in the folds; there the skin had open sores. I was really desperate, I put on cream, but I almost didn’t care what meanwhile the cream was not scented; I was really desperate and somehow had resigned. Then my mother last September brought some Aloe Vera Juice from her holiday. I should take 3 times a day 30 ml and observe. I had no great enthusiasm but my mother insisted, so I took the juice. Already after about 3 or 4 days I had the impression that the open skin had improved a bit but I could not believe it. But after 2 weeks of intake I had no open skin! Then I also bought cream Aloe Vera and applied it. What can I say: After 8 weeks of intake of juice the neurodermatitis was completely gone, no I could not believe it. That was by the end of November and until now I maintain a nice and silky skin; since then it's been 7 months and I've never felt so good!

Miriam K.

My experience with Aloe Vera juice to drink:

I had a very dry and scaly skin. On the advice of a friend I started taking 3 times a day Aloe Vera. After about two months I had skin like a baby, so soft and not scaly at all. I now also use Aloe Vera cream for skin care.

But now I have discovered more. I always had bleeding gums when cleaning my teeth. I do not know very well since when, but it has gone!

And when I combed my hair I always had to use a shawl because dandruff falling on clothing. I have no longer dandruff, I can comb my hair, even when I'm wearing a black sweater and nothing happens! And one more thing, without diet I have lost already 7 kilos since I take Aloe Vera!

Werner N.

I would like to tell my good results with Aloe Vera so that they can also be of use to others.

For many years I worked in shifts which did not do well to my stomach. Irregular food due to the continuing shift change was probably the reason for the constant acidity which was really annoying. Constantly I had to take medication to cope more or less, which for me was a great burden.

One day my wife brought me Aloe Vera juice which she had been recommended. I did not have much confidence but thank God my wife insisted and I took it 3 times a day.

I almost could not believe it but after about 3 months (I don´t know exactly the day) I had no longer problems with acidity and can finally could dispense medicines. I am very happy and I thank my wife who imposed herself.

Carola B.

Aloe Vera juice review

12 years ago had an ulcer in the duodenum. Afterwards I never could get rid of constant pain and digestive problems. I really tried everything but nothing helped. One day I found out about Aloe Vera juice and I take it daily. Soon the problems improved and now have disappeared completely. Also in general I feel much better and have higher performance. I no longer have headaches due to menopause.